International Institute of Refrigeration
Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies
International Conference
- Ohrid 2015 -
International Scientific/Technical Committee

Andy Pearson ( Former President of IoR, Member of IIR Commission E1), UK
Hein Auracher, President of IIR section B, Germany
Jocelyn Bonjour (Vice-President of IIR Commission B1), France
Jiangping Chen, member of UNEP RTOC Committee, China
Risto Ciconkov (Member of IIR Commissions B2 and E2), Macedonia
Sergio Girotto, Enex, Italy
Armin Hafner, SINTEF, Norway
Predrag Hrnjak (Member of IIR Commission E2), USA
Kuniaki Kawamura (Vice-president of JSRAE, Vice-President of IIR Comm. D1), Japan
Gert Koster, Member of IIR Commission B2, Netherlands
Christoph Kren, RD&E Manager in Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Germany
Tomasz Lokietek, Secretary of IIR Commission B2, Poland
Natalia Mednikova, VNIHI, Russia
Vasile Minea, Member of IIR Commission E2, Canada
Alexander Pachai, Member of UNEP RTOC Committee, Denmark
Bjorn Palm (Member of IIR Commission B1), Sweden
Branimir Pavkovic (Member of IIR Commission E1), Croatia
Fabio Polonara (Vice-President of IIR Commission A2), Italy
Alessandro Da Silva, member of UNEP RTOC Committee, Brazil
Eric Smith, IIAR Vice-President and Technical Director, USA
Thomas Spanich (eurammon executive board), Germany
Zoran Stajic, Vice-President of IIR Commission B2, Serbia
Oleg Tochenyy, Cooltech, Russia

Organizing Committee  
Risto Ciconkov, (Skopje University), Member of IIR Commission B2 and E2
Didier Coulomb, Director of the IIR
Karin Jahn, (Eurammon Management)
Atanas Kocov, Dean of the FME, Skopje University, Macedonia
Slave Lasovski, Primatehna doo, Macedonia
Vasil Ciconkov, Energija doo, Macedonia
Samoil Ciconkov, Energija doo, Macedonia

IIR Communications Manager: Mrs. Justine Evans