International Institute of Refrigeration
Ammonia Refrigeration Technology
International Conference
- Ohrid 2013 -

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1st day session


Andy Pearson, keynote
Star Refrigeration, UK
Rene van Gerwen, keynote
Global Lead Engineer of Unilever
Alexander Pachai
JCI - Sabroe, Denmark

Stein Nordtvedt
Institute for Energy Technology, Norway
Claus Madsen
Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)
Lambert Kuijpers, Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Jianyi Zhang
Jimei University, China
Anil Gulanikar
Dag-Tech Refrigeration, India
Sergey Tsvetkov
Representative from UNIDO project in Russia

Panel discussion: standards in refrigeration
"Use and misuse of standards in refrigeration" - Introduction
Gert Koster, GEA Refrigeration, Netherlands
Panelists: Andy Pearson, chairman (UK), Gert Koster (Netherlands), Alexander Pachai (Denmark), René van Gerwen (Netherlands), Eric Smith (USA)