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Ohrid is a city-museum with numerous archaeological treasures, with a number of early Christian basilicas, a great number of churches, luxurious mosaics, valuable archaeological sites and an antique theatre, which confirm that Ohrid was a cultural centre of the ancient era.

Lake Ohrid, the blue Macedonian pearl, is one of the oldest and best-preserved lakes in the world. It lies at an altitude of 695 m, has an area of 358 kmĀ² and maximum depth of 289 m. The crystal-clear lake water and the unpolluted environment afford a breath of untouched nature.

Ohrid and Lake Ohrid have been named a world cultural and natural heritage listed city under the protection of UNESCO since 1980.

Over the centuries, an enormous and colourful heritage of beautiful architecture, crafts and traditions has evolved. Combined with its scenic lake and mountainscape, interesting town and village architecture, local hospitality, climate and delicious fresh food, a visit to the Ohrid area will be deeply rewarding.

Ohrid Samuel Fortress Kaneo

Arrival in Ohrid

By plane
Direct flights to Ohrid airport are rare (from Vienna, Basel, Zurich, London). However, there are many direct flights from many European cities to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, which is 180 km far from Ohrid. For those arriving in Skopje, transportation to Ohrid will be organized with a special (mini)bus. Please inform us for the date and time of arrival till March 31, 2023.


By car, bus
Skopje-Ohrid (180 km): one part is a freeway.

By railway
The easiest way is to take international train from Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade or Athens. They all arrive at the Central Railway Station in Skopje every day. There is not railway connection to Ohrid. The Central Railway Station and Intercity Bus Station are on the same location.

Start 60 Denars, + 30 Denars/km

National currency: "Denar"
1 Euro = 61.5 Denars

Credit cards
Most of the credit cards are available in banks, hotels and bigger shops.

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